Political Polls

Political Polls

Siena Research Institute regularly conducts studies on the favorability of politicians, if NY is on the right track or wrong direction, various statewide issues and pre-election polls in New York State.

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  • Rice Now Leads Blakeman by 10 Points

    Newsday / News 12 Long Island / Siena College 4th Congressional District Poll:
    As Race Tightens, Rice Now Leads Blakeman by 10 Points
    Blakeman Narrows 18-Point September Gap; Rice Still Tops Magic “50” Read More

  • Three Statewide Officials Lead Republican Opponents

    All 3 Incumbent Democratic Statewide Officials Hold at Least 20-Point Leads Over Their Republican Opponents
    Cuomo by 21 Points Over Astorino; Hawkins Getting 9 Percent
    Schneiderman Leads Cahill by 20 Points
    DiNapoli Has Largest Lead at 27 Points Over Antonacci Read More

  • Senate District Polls: Republicans Lead in SDs 41, 46, 55

    41st SD: Republican Challenger Serino Leads by 12 Points over Incumbent Democrat Gipson (won with 44% in 3-Way Race in ’12)
    46th SD Rematch: Republican Challenger Amedore Holds 10-Point Lead over Incumbent Democrat Tkaczyk (won by 18 votes in ’12)
    55th SD: Republican Challenger Funke Has Commanding 25-Point Lead over Incumbent Democrat O’Brien (won by 4 Points in ’12) Read More