Political Polls

Political Polls

Siena Research Institute regularly conducts studies on the favorability of politicians, if NY is on the right track or wrong direction, various statewide issues and pre-election polls in New York State.

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  • Bishop Has 10-Point Lead Over Zeldin 7 Weeks Out

    Bishop Has 10-Point Lead Over Zeldin 7 Weeks Out
    Strong Support for Minimum Wage Increase, Term Limits, ‘Buffett Rule’ and Immigration Reform; Majority Support for Repealing Obamacare and Greater US Involvement in Mideast to Combat Terrorism
    Bishop Leads By Similar Margins in Brookhaven & East End Towns;
    Zeldin Leads by 6 Points with Men & Bishop has 23-Point Lead with Women Read More

  • Grimm & Recchia Separated by 4 Points

    Grimm & Recchia Separated by 4 Points – 44-40 Grimm
    Strong Support for Increased Minimum Wage, Immigration Reform and ‘Buffett Rule’; Small Majority Support Repealing Obamacare
    Recchia Has 7-Point Brooklyn Lead; Grimm has 9-Point Staten Island Lead Read More

  • Gibson Has Early 24-Point Lead

    Gibson Has Early, Large 24-Point Lead Over Eldridge
    About Two-Thirds of Voters Support Term Limits, Increase in Minimum Wage, ‘Buffett Rule’ & Comprehensive Immigration Reform
    Voters Closely Divided on Both More Middle East Political/Military Involvement, and Repealing & Replacing Obamacare
    By Generally Wide Margins, Gibson Seen as Better on Issues Read More