Academic Summer Camps

Academic Summer Camps

Make new friends and learn new skills while having fun!

Each summer, hundreds of young people from the Capital Region gather at Siena College to enjoy a variety of camp experiences, make new friends, and learn new skills while having fun. Many of our camps are directed by full-time Siena faculty members who wish to share their expertise and love for teaching with our campers. Registering for camp is easy when you use our online registration process.

We hope that you find the perfect camp for you and we look forward to welcoming you to the Siena campus this summer!

Questions? Call (518) 783-2307 for more information.

Adventures in Art

Adventures in Art! 

July 20 – 24  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 4 – 6

Campers will explore the art and design that surrounds us all with artist Katria Foster. By experimenting with paint-making, clay and various drawing mediums they’ll create their own original art.

Art + Everything  

July 27 – 31  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 4 – 6

Guided by artist Katria Foster, campers will explore art and how it is integrated with all aspects of life — whether that be science, history or math. By experimenting with fabric dyes, sculpture, photography and paint they’ll create their own original art.


The Science of Whole Foods Cooking

July 27 – 31  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 6 – 9

Campers will work in a professional kitchen and learn the basics of whole foods cooking. Cooking experiences will include comparing and contrasting different cooking methods with similar ingredients (steam, sauté, bake, fry), cooking with natural sweeteners, experimenting with how spices and seasonings can impact the flavors of foods, nutritional comparisons of whole foods versus processed foods, and how to create some favorite foods using healthy whole foods ingredients. Campers will also participate in low competition/high fun cooking experiences as seen on shows like Chopped and Top Chef.


Math Camp

July 27 – 31  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 9 – 11

Campers will be introduced to advanced mathematical subjects through discovery methods and collaborative learning, with a goal toward improving problem solving skills and instilling a passion for mathematics through puzzles and mathematically oriented games.  A typical day includes two lectures (in topics such as Geometry, Combinatorics, and Number Theory), a problem-solving session, and a games-and-puzzles session.


The Strange World of Quantum Mechanics in Minecraft

June 29  July 3  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 5 – 9

Everyone knows Minecraft is all about using blocks to build and make really cool stuff. But did you know you can learn Minecraft to learn some pretty advanced science concepts, too? Campers will experiment with disappearing blocks, entangled blocks, and blocks that change before your eyes. We’ll use qCraft mods as a fun way to experiment, build, and play Minecraft, while introducing players to the fascinating and counterintuitive ways that quantum entities interact. Participants will have fun playing Minecraft to learn how quantum behaviors are different from our everyday experience. We’ll add in other mods as needed to enhance the experience. Minecraft experience is recommended, but not required.

Minecraft for the Middle Ages!

July 6 – 10  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 5 – 7

If you like to play Minecraft, and you also love learning about medieval weapons and castles, knights and lords, then come to our Minecraft for the Middle Ages camp. Participants will play Minecraft and learn about the history and architecture of famous castles, learn to use and install medieval weapons mods, and learn about what it was like to live during the Middle Ages. Castles of the Middle Ages were much more than big stone forts. They were more like fortified self-sustaining towns! Activities will include recreating a historically authentic castle in Minecraft – and, yes, defending your Minecraft Middle Ages castle against marauding bands of invaders! Some basic familiarity with Minecraft is recommended, but not necessary.

Spanish Immersion: Having fun in Minecraft

July 6 – 10  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 5 – 9

The goal of this week is to immerse students in a Spanish speaking world using Minecraft. First we’ll introduce the Minecraft vocabulary in Spanish using a fun tutorial that also introduces the game. Then we’ll let students get into survival mode where they need to build structures that protect them against nocturnal monsters and find food. Later during the week students will interact with historic worlds that represent Rome and/or Egypt and they’ll be able to create their own NPCs or characters that have quests or tasks in Spanish for the villagers to accomplish, while learning at the same time about those antique world’s customs, tasks and legacies. Students will be immersed in listening, speaking, and reading Spanish, as well as writing Spanish to be able to create the NPCs dialogs and quests. This class is for Intermediate Level Spanish speaking students from 5th grade on.


July 13 – 17  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 5 – 9

IndustrialCraft is a Minecraft mod based on industrial processes. Participants will play Minecraft as they learn about energy systems, generators, and all kinds of machines and machine making tools. Participants will team up to survive a Minecraft challenge by finding the right elements and tools to craft their machines. Participants will build basic machines, produce their own diamonds, create their own energy sources, like wind mills, water pumps, and a nuclear power plant! By the end of the week, participants will learn how to craft Minecraft armor that will make them invincible!


July 13 – 17  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 5 – 9

Learn basic concepts about electricity and circuitry in this Redstone camp. You will learn how to use common Minecraft features like levers, torches, pressure plates and buttons to make simple and intricate circuits. You’ll learn about gates, flip-flops, encoders, comparators, dispensers and other fun ways to use electricity in Minecraft. You will then learn how to make some essential Redstone builds for survival worlds, and tackle a larger project of your choosing to practice everything you have learned.

Adventure Games in Minecraft

July 20 – 24  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 5 – 9

Learn how to create your own Minecraft quest! Working as a team, we'll create an adventure game for Minecraft. We'll decide on a story for the game, then break into teams to tackle building, creating NPCs, and designing quests. We’ll learn and apply a variety of Minecraft skills to write and design our quest. Interested in Redstone? Be on the building team, and use it in your structures! Like writing? Create the dialogs players can have with NPCs! You'll also have an opportunity to rotate teams to learn even more. Let's combine our strengths to learn from each other and create something incredible!

Making Mods for Minecraft

July 20 – 24  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 6-10

Minecraft is fun. But if you want to learn how to add your own content, alter gameplay, change the creative feel, or give the player more options in how they interact with Minecraft worlds, then come join us for Making Mods! Some experience with Minecraft is required. Experience with Java programming is not required, but some familiarity using Java is recommended.


July 27 – 31  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300 / Grades 5 – 9

You can see the Moon in your Minecraft game -- now you can go there!  In this camp you will learn how to build a rocket, oxygen systems, fuel system and more.  Then you will use that knowledge to launch to the Moon and Mars.  Can you build a working oxygen system for your Moon Base in time?  Let's find out!


Programming with AppInventor

July 6 – 10  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition:  $300  /  Ages: 11 – 13

Learn how to create your own Android apps using the freely-available software known as AppInventor. Through tutorials and interactive lessons campers will design and implement apps using AppInventor, and then download them onto an Android device.



June 29  July 3  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 5 – 9

Think and learn like scientists and engineers who solve problems by building and programing robots. Robots are used in science in a multitude of ways from designing land rovers for missions to Mars to using microbots in surgical procedures. Students will be presented with a series of scientific problems and then build and program their robots to solve them. Participants will use the LEGO® Mindstorms NXT system to build a robot and the programming language, Robolab, to make the robot perform certain actions. Appropriate for campers with or without previous experience.


July 20 – 24  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Grades 5 – 9

Robotics are used in science in a multitude of ways from the Mars rovers, to robotics used in surgery, to an assembly line in a factory. Campers will be presented with a series of scientific problems to solve. They'll use the LEGO® Mindstorms NXT system to build a robot and the programming language, Robolab, to make the robot perform certain actions.

Note:  The robotics activities will be different from the June 29 Robotics camp. Campers can choose to do both camps and will not experience repeat lessons.